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Office Dismantling

In brief

E-Waste Recyclers India offers services in removing/dismantling equipments like, Personal Computers, Laptops, UPS Systems, A/Cs, Furnitures, Panels etc. Now, you don’t need to worry about your equipments. We will solve all the issues for freeing up your office space efficiently and effectively.

office dismantling

There are times when you need to dismantle your offices equipment and assets in a cost effective and harmless-to -the-ecosystem manner.   This is a cumbersome and specialized task and need experts like EWRI to handle it for you.

After doing a potential hazard analysis, EWRI works out a dismantling and disposal proposal customized for the site, which empowers planned and selective dismantling of assets.

This deliberately targets limiting the volume of material to be discarded while simultaneously boosting the measure of material that can be reused.  In addition to the fact that we prepare potential hazard analysis and plan dismantling, we also give master oversight all through the phases of the dismantling of assets.

Our dismantling services include:

  • Evaluation of existing structures and offices
  • Monitoring of dismantling process
  • Plan and prepare dismantling ideas
  • Assessment of removal prospects
  • e-Waste management as per set guidelines.

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