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Plastic Waste Disposal

In brief

Almost all electronic items are produced with their outer covered with plastic in one form or another.  Disposal/recycling of Plastic is as important as other electric and electronics items. E-Waste Recyclers India gives proper solutions to dispose off used Plastic and hence contribute to the cause of a safe environment.

plastic waste management

Casual littering and non-biodegradability of plastic waste raises the following environmental concerns:

• During polymerization process elusive discharges are released.
• During product manufacturing different types of gases are released.
• Mindless dumping of plastic waste on land makes the land infertile due to its non-corrosive properties.
• Burning of plastics generates poisonous gases like, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Dioxin, Furans, Amines, Nitrides, Styrene, Benzene, 1, 3-butadiene, CCl4, and Acetaldehyde.
• Lead and Cadmium colors, generally used in LDPE, HDPE and PP as complements are poisonous and are known to strain out.
• Non-recyclable plastic wastes similar as multilayer, metalised sacks and other thermoset plastic interrups the disposal process.
• Sub-standard plastic carry bags, packaging flicks (< 40µ)etc. pose problem in collection and recycling.
• Littered plastics give a place a very dirty look, choke the drains which may cause calamities like flood during thunderstorms.
• Garbage mixed with plastics interferes in waste processing work and also causes problems in landfill activities.

Plastic Waste Disposal

Disposal of plastic waste is a serious concern in our country. Although several experiments have been conducted on reuse of plastic waste, such as, in road construction, co-processing of plastic waste in cement kilns, etc., but the task in hand seems very difficult, if not impossible.

We, at EWRI ensure that the recycling, recovery or disposal of plastic waste shall be carried out as per the rules, regulations and standards stipulated by the authorities.  For example, we adhere to Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics as stated under the ‘Indian Standard 14534:1998’.

While managing Plastic waste, we ensure safe collection, storage, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of plastic waste. We also ensure that no damage is caused to the environment during this process.

We have set up collection centres for plastic waste involving manufacturers. We also organise programs to create awareness among all stakeholders about their responsibilities in managing plastic waste.

Plastic waste

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