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E-Waste Recyclers India’s PRO Services

The EPR guidelines, about E-Waste disposal, are sustainable and will result into long-term health benefits of the people, the environment and our future.  One of those guidelines emphasizes upon the responsibility of the producers to ensure disposal of their electronic and electrical products after their shelf-life which could be from one year to 15 years.  

However, it is practically not possible for a producer to keep a track of usage of their products consumed by the customers.  But failure to dispose off a certain amount of E-Waste every year may result in heavy penalty upon them by the authorities.  This is where EWRI’s PRO Services come handy.  As a PRO agency, EWRI manages the collection of e-Waste from end consumers on behalf of the producers from time to time and consequently help them deliver their duty of disposing off a certain amount of e-Waste in a proficient manner.

We at EWRI are one of the leading organizations to provide Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to help producers meet their EPR tasks. We ensure that their e-Waste products are collected from their customers and delivered to our facility for the responsible recycling and disposal. We also provide the producers with the requisite recycling certification along with a set of compliance documents as per the government standards and guidelines.

We get the e-waste collected from the consumers – be it an organization or an end-user consumer, on behalf of the producers and transport them to our recycling plants.

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