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Battery Waste Disposal

In brief

Exposing our surroundings to lead and strong acids which are found in batteries can cause serious health hazards. E-Waste Recyclers India gives proper solutions to dispose off used Batteries and hence contribute to the cause of better environment.

battery waste disposal

Studies reveal that poisonous essence like nickel and cadmium found in batteries are called human carcinogens. Carcinogens are any substance, radiation, or radionuclide that acts as an agent that causes cancer.

When these agents interact with our air and water, we risk developing cancer. Another poisonous essence that can be found in batteries is Lead, which has been linked to severe medical issues like growth & neurological damage and natural disabilities. Use of Mercury in batteries has been banned since 1996, because of its largely poisonous nature, especially in vapor form. Due to this ban, people now use smaller batteries, similar as single-use alkaline batteries, which does not increase Mercury poisoning.

Battery Disposal

Single-use batteries, of any size, are some of the most common household items. Single-use batteries can be found throughout the home in a variety of sizes including AA, AAA, 9V, D-cell and others inside your Television remotes, flashlights, children’s toys and other small electronics items. 

Although these batteries can safely be dumped as trash as they are now made of common metals deemed non-hazardous, but for the sake of a cleaner environment for our children these batteries also need to be disposed off or recycled properly.  EWRI does this job well.


Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, cannot be dumped into trash as these are made up of hazardous materials.  There are various types of rechargeable batteries, like:

  • Nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries are found in electronics items such as digital cameras, two-way radios and cordless phones.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are found in cellphones and laptops.
  • Small sealed lead acid batteries are found in emergency devices, emergency exit signs, security systems, etc.

Since rechargeable batteries contain heavy metals which are hazardous to the environment, you cannot just simply do away with them by throwing them into dustbins.  These rechargeable batteries need to be recycled proficiently and by experts like EWRI.

Batteries and any other types of waste that could potentially contribute chemicals to the environment should be handled with care, especially when it comes to disposal and or recycling.  EWRI has thousands of clients who have praised our battery disposal services.

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