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At E-Waste Recyclers India, we ensure 100% safety and security of the material handed over to us for disposal.  There are times when after pick-up, an immediate disposal of the e-waste is not feasible.  For such instances, EWRI provides ‘Warehousing’ services where the stuff to be disposed off is kept under safety, security and vigilance in our Warehouses.


Our society and environment face a risk due to the improper treatment of e-waste, especially from air pollution, dust, pollution of the ground by liquid components of e-waste and, fire.

Unsafe e-waste storage may also raise the risk of fire and soil pollution. The effects of fires at e-waste reprocessing facilities could be severe because some persistent organic pollutants, dioxins, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are emitted as combustion byproducts of e-waste.

At EWRI, we understand the risks associated with disposable E-waste.  We have experience and expertise to manage E-waste from the time it is picke up by us until it is fully disposed off as per norms.  We have facilities to store, transport, and handle e-waste to eliminate or decrease risk of harm to human health and the environment, including fire.

For you, EWRI is a suitable collector or recycler that conforms with the Waste Management Policy by separating and storing it separately from other waste.  We keep track of the passage of E-waste to the final disposal and guard against E-waste damage or spoilage that could reduce its acceptability for recycling.

We take all reasonable steps to reduce the amount of time that electronic trash under their control or in their possession is retained by solely storing it for the purposes of transfer, recycling, and reprocessing.

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