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What is E-waste

No waste is as toxic as the e-waste. We produce waste in every step of our life but e-waste is the most disturbing for the environment. This is why it is so important to recycle the Electronic Wastes properly. In India, the concept of safe Electronic Disposal is still in its nascent stage. EWRI steps out to fill in that gap. We aspire to provide world-class facility in recycling and disposal of e-waste to every Indian, corporate, business houses and general public so when we discard our computer or fax machine, none is harmed.

E-waste is being created more and more as we embrace technology in every sect of our life. More we are buying computers, laptops, mobile phones, fax machines, photocopiers and other things, more we are producing e-scraps. When we buy a new computer, we discard the old one and thus proper computer waste recycling is becoming increasingly important every passing day. EWRI, with its infrastructure, capabilities and well-trained team can easily do that. We are in fact into safe electronic disposal for a long time now and have done the same for organizations and individuals alike.

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EWRI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which puts lots of effort in quality management. Recycling and electronic disposal is not an easy thing to do, if to be done responsibly. The workers and the environment, both needs to be taken care of. 

Our separate and dedicated divisions on computer waste recycling does not only concentrate in destroying the components but we also work on repairing them if possible so those can be reused. This way we produce lesser e-waste and can keep this planet healthy and habitable.

Our list of clients can tell you how efficient we have been in e-scrap management and how easily we can handle single or bulk orders.

Let’s create a better tomorrow for our future generations where they can eat, drink and breathe easy.

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