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In brief At E-Waste Recyclers India, we ensure 100% safety and security of the material handed over to us for disposal.  There are times when after pick-up, an immediate disposal of the e-waste is not feasible.  For such instances, EWRI provides ‘Warehousing’ services where the

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Pick-up Schedule

Let’s schedule your E-waste pick-up Schedule your E-Waste Pick-up from our 60+ locations across India. Just fill up the form below and leave the rest on us.  We will arrange the pick-up of your E-Waste in the most convenient and professional manner.

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IT Assets Disposition

IT Assets Disposition

In brief E-Waste Recyclers India reckons that at the point when you throw out old corporate equipment, you’re making a gigantic network protection hazard.  Truth be told, a report from Blancco Technology Group uncovered that out of 200 arranged hard drives, 11% still had information

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ewaste trashcan

E-Waste Disposal

In brief E-Waste Recyclers India gives a wide scope of reusing  all your utilized electronic and electrical items. From enormous enterprises and SMEs to Households and schools, we are pleased to help organizations and the local area to discard their old hardware securely, safely, morally

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battery waste disposal

Battery Waste Disposal

In brief Exposing our surroundings to lead and strong acids which are found in batteries can cause serious health hazards. E-Waste Recyclers India gives proper solutions to dispose off used Batteries and hence contribute to the cause of better environment. Studies reveal that poisonous essence like

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plastic waste management

Plastic Waste Disposal

In brief Almost all electronic items are produced with their outer covered with plastic in one form or another.  Disposal/recycling of Plastic is as important as other electric and electronics items. E-Waste Recyclers India gives proper solutions to dispose off used Plastic and hence contribute

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hard drive destruction

Data Sanitization

In brief Security of the confidential data stored in the hard drives of your PC’s, Laptops and Servers is a major concern. E-Waste Recyclers India facilitates offsite/onsite hard disk shredding, degaussing, wiping, drilling.  We guarantee 100% data destruction and as a result, 100% data security. 

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epr service

EPR Services

In brief E-Waste Recyclers India is registered with Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board for management, recycling and disposal of all your E-Waste, under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) implementation services wherein we facilitate a reverse collection mechanism and recycling of E-Waste to recover the useful resources embedded

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better world

PRO Services

E-Waste Recyclers India’s PRO Services The EPR guidelines, about E-Waste disposal, are sustainable and will result into long-term health benefits of the people, the environment and our future.  One of those guidelines emphasizes upon the responsibility of the producers to ensure disposal of their electronic and

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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics takes place in the process of collection of WEEE’s. We, at E-Waste Recyclers India, are aware of the growing green concerns taking place all across the globe now leading to negative environmental impacts. That’s where we come in for the rescue of moving

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