About Us

E-Waste Management Company

EWRI has evolved as a leading e-waste management company in India in a few years of its life. It is due to the unwavering dedication to quality service, realistic pricing, extravagant and sophisticated infrastructure for the services rendered and for the highly trained workforce we maintain. Our services, including data removal and disposal, e-waste recycling and scrap management have reached thousands of customers and we are serving an ever-growing community of environmentally conscious Indians.

EWRI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which means our services come with guarantee on quality. Our proven technique for recycling e-waste and using solutions for reusing electronic components meet world standard easily. Our safety precautions while handling and managing your e-waste adheres to the international and local laws. We have proven our standard to innumerable customers who can now vow for us under oath. Expensive and sophisticated machineries for each type of e-waste disposal, dedicated and highly trained workforce, meticulously built infrastructure keep us way ahead of our competitors. We are, in short, your only destination for total e-waste recycling company in India, efficient and dedicated.

Our aim is to provide our generation, and the future, a better and cleaner air to breathe in, purer water to drink and a healthier planet. We believe technology and environment can happily co-exist through proper scrap management. As the pioneer among e-waste recycling companies India EWRI has assumed this duty and responsibility to make it happen. We offer inexpensive services because we know how price conscious we are. Our services are meticulously attuned to meet each and every e-waste disposal service you might ever need, professionally or personally.

Make no mistake, e-waste situation is getting worse and we are suffering more as we are having less awareness about the harm it is causing to us. Lead, which is such a prime member of this e-pollution, is entering us via air and water and causing cancer. Can we be reckless? Call EWRI, the best e-waste recycling and data disposal company India today and gift your child a better tomorrow.